It’s amazing to be needed!

Listen to some of the people who know best.

Sandra is committed to helping every student be their very best.

Erin wanted to change people’s lives, so she changed universities.

For Brandon nursing isn’t just a job, it’s a calling.

While earning his DNP at ResU, Chris discovered what it takes to be a pioneer.

Her experience with nurses inspired her to become a nurse

The birth of her daughter was the start of her interest in nursing

He made a career change that made a difference

ResU was the best decision she ever made

She teaches students how to make a difference

She drives 70 miles to teach because her students are worth it

He loves being there for his students anytime they need him

She encourages students to learn about, from and with each other

She loves seeing the light go on for students

She celebrates the diversity of ResU each and every day

Rammie discovered that his classmates were more like a family

Angie made a career move to make a difference

Claudia's career started before she even graduated

Tawny was able to do clinicals right away and much more

Jennifer loved the support of the staff – and the students

Aric didn’t find nursing, nursing found him

Mauricio followed his passion and discovered a career with meaning

Karena was looking for the fast-track and found it