2018 Excellence Award Recipients

Each year, the University collects nominations for the Excellence Awards for ResU Faculty and Staff. This year, we are pleased to announce the following award recipients:

Faculty Excellence in Practice Award – Reem Azhari, PhD, RN

This award is given to a Faculty member who:

  • Demonstrates a breath of knowledge in area of practice
  • Develops creative approaches to practice that contribute to quality care
  • Utilizes research in clinical practice
  • Publishes or presents clinical practice topics
  • Possesses clinical expertise and the attributes of a clinical scholar
  • Advances the scope and practice of the discipline
  • Services as a mentor/preceptor that inspires peer’s practice
  • Influences practice through personal practice
  • Participates in community affairs, legislation, or organizations that affect practice in the discipline

Faculty Excellence in Education Award – Sandy Shawgo, MEd, RT (R) 

This award is given to a Faculty member who:

  • Demonstrates excellence in teaching
  • Advances the science of the discipline through clarifying, refining, and/or expanding the knowledge base
  • Promotes a theory/practice base for curricula and practice
  • Influences scholarly development in education, practice, and/or research through teaching
  • Influences the professional practice of the discipline and the public’s image of the discipline through excellence in teaching

Staff Excellence in Service Award – Dominique Colyer, MEd

This award is given to someone who:

  • Fosters the University core values when interacting with all members of the University Learning Community
  • Demonstrates excellence in providing service to students
  • Demonstrates leadership and excellence in project management
  • Creates an environment that enhances the image of the University

Congratulations to the Excellence Award recipients on this wonderful achievement!