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We’ve made it easy to see if your previous college coursework will transfer to ResU.

Simply choose the college or university, click the button, and the transfer guide will appear as a PDF document.

As an upper-division transfer school, nurses will need to transfer in semester credits in areas such as: General Education, Pre-Nursing Support and Nursing classes already taken. We highly recommend completing a transcript evaluation in order to understand the classes that would transfer and the classes still needed. I need a transcript evaluation!

School of Radiography

Test Credit

Health Information Management (HIM)

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Nursing for Registered Nurses (BSN for RNS)

Resurrection University is a regionally accredited upper-division school. The transfer guide page offers unofficial guides for students who plan to transfer to Resurrection University and are not intended as a contract. They are designed to help students determine which of their credits may transfer to ResU and course options available to satisfy a requirement. Transfer requirements are subject to change without notice Prospective students are expected to contact a ResU Admissions Counselor regarding any updates. The student is responsible for verification of all transfer information.